XBeach is a simulator with a two-dimensional model for wave propagation, sediment transport and morphological changes in the nearshore area. The simulator is configured with a params.txt file that contains grid and bathymetry info, wave input, flow input, morphological input, etc. in the form of keyword/value pairs. If a params.txt cannot be found then XBeach will not run. Other files are used to configure the grid and bathymetry profile, like bed.dep for example, and other files with extra information that can be used inside the params.txt to configure the simulator further.

We advise to always set the mpiboundary argument in the params.txt file, since we handle automatically the parallelization of the simulation, based on the number of cores available in the machine.


import inductiva

# Set simulation input directory
input_dir = inductiva.utils.download_from_url(
    "xbeach-input-example.zip", unzip=True)

# Initialize the Simulator
xbeach = inductiva.simulators.XBeach()

# Run simulation with config files in the input directory
task = xbeach.run(input_dir=input_dir,