What should I do if Inductiva does not support the simulation package I need?

If the simulation package you wish to use is not supported by Inductiva, please reach out to our support team for assistance at support@inductiva.ai.

How do I resolve authentication problems with the Inductiva API?

Authentication issues typically arise from invalid credentials or expired tokens. Double-check your credentials and refresh your API tokens. For further assistance, our support team is ready to help.

What can I do if I reach my resource allocation limits?

If you’ve hit your quota for computational resources, consider reviewing your current usage. To request an increase in your resource quotas, please reach out to support@inductiva.ai.

The simulation package I want to use isn’t supported. What are my options?

How can I fix configuration errors in my simulation setup?

What should I do about dependency conflicts?

How can I optimize the performance of my simulations? Performance optimization involves adjusting simulation parameters and choosing the most appropriate processing option. For that, you should try running your simulation using the several types of computational resources available via the API, and also check our official benchmarks page, where we compare the performance of running specific simulation use cases over several computational resources.