CLI Overview and Functionalities

CLI Overview and Functionalities#

The Inductiva Command Line Interface (CLI) offers a streamlined and efficient way to interact with our platform directly from your terminal. Designed for ease of use, the CLI enables you to manage simulations, resources and logs in real-time, even while your simulations are running remotely.

CLI Installation#

The power of the Inductiva CLI lies in its simplicity, it’s just a command away. Simply run on your terminal:

$ inductiva

CLI Usage Guide#

The Inductiva CLI streamlines the management of computational resources, enabling you to efficiently prepare and launch the necessary environments for your simulations.

After installing you can choose from the below list of available subcommands to run via the Inductiva (CLI) to manage your projects and interact with our API:

For detailed information on any subcommand, you can always run the --help or -h flag on your terminal to further understand its usage:

$ inductiva --help