Access your Remote Storage

Access your Remote Storage#

After your simulations finish, the results are securely stored in your remote storage bucket. The Inductiva CLI connects you to your remote bucket, and provides you with various commands to effectively manage all the data of your simulation outputs.

Check Storage Usage#

You can check how much storage space your simulations are currently occupying:

$ inductiva storage size
Total user's remote storage in use: 2.79 GB

List Storage Contents#

You can have a detailed view of what’s in your storage, including sorting options for easier navigation:

$ inductiva storage list --max-results 10 --order-by size --sort-order desc

       NAME                             SIZE           CREATION TIME
       0bet8jrpp2gz974n42nsd9n2p/       56.11 MB       06 Feb, 11:32:29
       05ujj5m0ytdkckxwk1tq1b5io/       27.93 MB       08 Feb, 09:19:44
       6a2h1wnxywpea8jfoxiikdjf7/       26.49 MB       07 Feb, 13:47:03
       f8joznwc9xf9a4nypcaei6v2s/       12.79 MB       07 Feb, 09:16:55
       dpq2cv6b5f9p1c77nc8anjo10/       12.00 MB       08 Feb, 09:39:31
       r4kerxf4b53krgn0s3fyece3b/       11.92 MB       07 Feb, 11:47:48
       j9qzrpiohgt7x97od3tw4wccd/       11.74 MB       07 Feb, 11:47:46
       iqi71gonoacfj7fknox3rvnq2/       11.52 MB       07 Feb, 11:47:45
       dxmnxdrfrv84pfbzbvm9v0dat/       11.43 MB       07 Feb, 11:47:43
       bgtwgnnyq5qa5hecegzdx6okr/       11.36 MB       07 Feb, 11:47:40

Clean Up Storage#

Once you’ve backed up your data locally or need to free up space, you can delete data from your remote storage. You can delete several paths within your storage, or even delete everything with the remove command.

Here’s an example where you remove a path within your storage. Use this command with caution as it permanently deletes data from your remote storage:

$ inductiva storage remove hodbisrxjxhdbkknv60xmy6ti/
# The CLI always prompts for confirmation to prevent accidental data loss
You are about to remove the following paths from your remote storage space:
  - 0bet8jrpp2gz974n42nsd9n2p/
Are you sure you want to proceed (y/[N])? y
Removing 0bet8jrpp2gz974n42nsd9n2p/ in the user's remote storage.
Successfully removed remote path '0bet8jrpp2gz974n42nsd9n2p/'.

You can alternatively clear all storage by adding the --all flag to the remove command. Such commands will always be followed with a confirmation prompt to ensure user intention and prevent irreversible loss.

These are the main functionalities of the CLI for storage at the moment. In case you would like to have more functionalities via the CLI contact us.