Manage Remote Storage#

The Inductiva API provides you with tools to manage your remote storage effectively. With the Inductiva storage module, you can easily navigate your storage, evaluate the space used, and delete specific directories as needed. Let’s illustrate this with some examples.

Determining the amount of storage in use#

As you start running simulations, your remote personal storage will get filled up. Hence, at times it will be useful to monitor the amount of storage space being utilized. This can be achieved as follows:


import inductiva
space_used =


$ inductiva storage size

In both cases, we receive the following message:

Total user's remote storage in use: 32.4 GB

Viewing storage contents#

After determining the total storage space used, you may want to identify which directories are consuming the most storage. To be more specific, you may list the contents of your directory and sort them by size or creation date as follows:


import inductiva, order_by="size", sort_order="desc")


$ inductiva storage ls --max-results 10 --order-by size --sort-order desc

In this way, we obtain a listing of the 10 largest directories within our user’s remote storage.

       NAME                             SIZE           CREATION TIME
       0bet8jrpp2gz974n42nsd9n2p/       56.11 MB       06 Feb, 11:32:29
       f8joznwc9xf9a4nypcaei6v2s/       12.79 MB       07 Feb, 09:16:55
       r4kerxf4b53krgn0s3fyece3b/       11.92 MB       07 Feb, 11:47:48
       j9qzrpiohgt7x97od3tw4wccd/       11.74 MB       07 Feb, 11:47:46
       iqi71gonoacfj7fknox3rvnq2/       11.52 MB       07 Feb, 11:47:45
       dxmnxdrfrv84pfbzbvm9v0dat/       11.43 MB       07 Feb, 11:47:43
       bgtwgnnyq5qa5hecegzdx6okr/       11.36 MB       07 Feb, 11:47:40
       6a2h1wnxywpea8jfoxiikdjf7/       1.53 MB        07 Feb, 13:47:03
       hkrr6qtiuu8uatwgrydc1e6q5/       1.53 MB        07 Feb, 09:26:10
       97ujsu1uc48oc3xi1572dj1uh/       1.53 MB        07 Feb, 11:31:30

In case, you want to be more specific and examine the contents of a specific folder, you can pass a path to the listdir method and/or the CLI subcommand as follows:


import inductiva = "0bet8jrpp2gz974n42nsd9n2p")


$ inductiva storage ls 0bet8jrpp2gz974n42nsd9n2p

Outputs the following::

       NAME             SIZE           CREATION TIME       52.37 MB       06 Feb, 11:34:26        3.74 MB        06 Feb, 11:32:32
                        0 B            06 Feb, 11:32:29

Removing directories#

Whenever space needs to be freed up, or in general, when you want to remove a directory from your remote storage, you can use a simple interface to remove it. In particular, in case you want to remove everything that is also possible.

The table above provides valuable information that can guide your decision to remove certain directories.


import inductiva"reef3d_simulation")


$ inductiva storage rm reef3d_simulation
You are about to remove the following paths from your remote storage space:
  - reef3d_simulation
Are you sure you want to proceed (y/[N])? y
Removing reef3d_simulation in the user's remote storage.
Successfully removed remote path 'reef3d_simulation'.

Notice that you get prompted, to make sure you want to proceed with the removal. In case you wish to remove everything, use the flag --all, like inductiva storage rm --all.

In the end, we can verify that the folder we have named reef3d_simulation is removed from the user’s remote storage and that nothing appears in the listing.

$ inductiva storage ls reef3d_simulation

       NAME         SIZE         CREATION TIME