SWASH is a simulator that solves shallow water equations and is used to simulate waves and currents in coastal waters and harbors, long waves in coastal regions and tidal inlets, and rapidly varied flows around coastal structures. The simulator is configured using a single file with the .sws extension, and additional files containing information about the domain and the ocean floor, such as a bathymetry file with a .bot extension, are necessary for the simulation to run.


import inductiva

# Set simulation input directory
input_dir = inductiva.utils.download_from_url(
    "swash-input-example.zip", unzip=True)

# Initialize the Simulator
swash = inductiva.simulators.SWASH()

# Run simulation with config files in the input directory
task = swash.run(input_dir=input_dir, 


Inductiva Benchmarks#

The following benchmark is currently available for SWASH:

  • Three-Dimensional Currents: This benchmark replicates the S1 simulation as outlined in the paper “Modeled Three-Dimensional Currents and Eddies on an Alongshore-Variable Barred Beach”, authored by Christine M. Baker, Melissa Moulton, Britt Raubenheimer, Steve Elgar, and Nirnimesh Kumar (2021).