SWAN is a simulator for obtaining realistic estimates of wave parameters in coastal areas, lakes and eastuaries from given wind, sea floor and current conditions.

The simulator is configured using a single file with the .swn extension, and additional files containing information about the domain and the sea floor, and the conditions shall be saved in an input directory that is passed to the simulator.


import inductiva

# Set simulation input directory
input_dir = inductiva.utils.files.download_from_url(
    "swan-input-example.zip", True)

# Initialize the Simulator
swan = inductiva.simulators.SWAN()

# Run simulation with config files in the input directory
task = swan.run(
    input_dir=input_dir, sim_config_filename="a11refr.swn")

# Wait for the simulation to finish and download the results

Check the official documentation of SWAN to know more about the configuration details specific of the simulator.

Inductiva Benchmarks#

The following benchmark is currently available for SWAN:

  • Ring: The “Ring” example from SWAN’s site.