Inductiva: a Python package for scaling simulations on the Cloud

Inductiva: a Python package for scaling simulations on the Cloud#

Welcome to the official Python library for the Inductiva API version 0.7 The Inductiva API allows running a set of open-source physical simulators on the cloud, easily parallelizing simulations, each running on hundreds of CPU cores.

Inductiva simplifies the complexities of cloud resource management, and software configuration, offering a straightforward Python interface for running simulations on state-of-the-art hardware. This allows scientists and engineers to focus their time and energy on what matters: running simulations that solve real problems.

This documentation includes:

  • A Getting started guide that will help you set up the Inductiva API client, and run your first simulation within only a few minutes;

  • A Quick Recipes where we will guide you through several common tasks and provides practical examples for you to try;

  • A list of the various open-source simulation packages that you can invoke via the API (if you have suggestions for adding more simulation packages, please let us know by opening a GitHub issue);

  • A guide on Inductiva’s Command Line Interface (CLI), which allows you to perform many tasks from your terminal, including listing available computational resources and checking the status of tasks;

  • A User Reference section that covers a wide variety of topics of interest, including information about some key classes available in the API Client, a troubleshooting guide, information about quotas and an FAQ.

If you have any questions or suggestions about the API please open an issue on the inductiva’s API Client GitHub repo, or contact us via